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ili translator Voice translators to all languages on the world

ili can translate your words in as little as 0.2 second without any internet connection. It’s portable and wearable so that you can take ili to anywhere you want.

ili allows for quick communication and helps you dine, navigate, and shop.




Instant Translator (Translate)


For Android:


Turn your device into a translator of conversations between different languages, so you can break the barrier of the language in your conversations with foreigners, in your travels, holidays... or just practice a language.

Translate text or voice of quickly and easily among more than 90 languages, only have to write a text or to pronounce a sentence and you can see and hear your translation quickly. With the online translator InstantTraductor can communicate in multiple languages and free of charge.



- Free language translator.

- Simple and easy to use interface.

- Instant translations.

- Translation of text between 96 languages.

- Translation of voice among 40 languages.

- Audio playback of the translations.

- Copying and pasting fast text to the Clipboard.

- Upload and share your translations by email, WhatsApp, Telegram...

- App translated into multiple languages.


Languages supported for translation:

Arabic, chinese, english, french, german, indonesian, italian, japanese, korean, persian, portuguese, russian, spanish, thai, turkish, vietnamese... and many more languages among which you can practice your translations to break the barrier of the language among all the available languages.


This application is free but it is necessary that your device have Internet connection (Wifi, 3G, 4G, LTE) to connect to the server and perform translations between multiple languages.



Google Translator (Translate)


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Traveling Japan with only an instant translator | ili Explored Asakusa, Tokyo with ili, an instant translator! Was a very interesting and fun experience testing it out in real life travel situations :D The one I used here was English to Japanese, however there are many other languages so check out their webs

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