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Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps Animated wind, rain and temperature maps, detailed forecast for your place

This stunning interactive map shows the world’s weather conditions in real time.

The interactive map, spotted recently by Quartz, lets you pull up all kinds of weather stats, including temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind speed. The temperature and wind speed maps, with their swirling lines and patches of pretty color-coded data, are a joy to simply gaze at regardless of the information they offer.

You can zoom in close to a particular location, or see the world’s weather patterns that are enveloping the planet right now by pulling out and viewing the entire map at once.


For iOS:

For Android:


For PC / Notebook/ On-line device:


The app combines highly accurate weather forecast for your location with a map showing development of weather in a broader area in a very interesting way. This allows you to see where precipitation is going to come from or where the wind is blowing from. The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. Forecast of weather, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes is available for the whole world.

The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Wind is displayed using streamlines which clearly portray the continuous development of weather. Airflow on Earth is always in motion and the streamlines depict this motion in an amazing way. This makes the interconnection of all atmospheric phenomena obvious.

Weather forecast for the first three days is available in the app in one-hour steps. For other days, it’s available in three-hour steps. Users can also look up sunrise and sunrise times in a given place.

Thanks to the Ventusky application, visitors get data directly from the numerical models that, just a few years ago, were used solely by meteorologists. The app collects data from the most accurate numerical models. Besides the well-known data from the American GFS and HRRR models, it also displays data from the Canadian GEM model and the German COSMO and particular ICON model, which is unique thanks to its high resolution for the whole world. Two models, EURAD and USRAD, are based on current radar and satellite readings. These models are able to show precisely current precipitation in US and Europe.

• Temperature (15 levels)
• Wind (16 levels)
• Wind gusts
• Precipitation (1 hour, 3 hour, long time accumulation)
• Cloud cover (high, middle, low, total)
• Snow cover
• Humidity
• Dew point
• Air pressure
• CAPE, CIN, LI, Helicity (SRH)
• Freezing level
• Wave forecast

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Ventusky - Amazing Weather Maps We focus on weather prediction and meteorological data visualisation. Our goal is to improve awareness about meteorological events in our atmosphere. We have created a top-quality application that clearly displays meteorological data from around the world

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